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Lawboss CRM Integration and Fulfillment Program CRM Integration and Fulfillment Program

Business need: The client wanted an efficient way to handle “new customer” gifts that would not take up valuable administrative time or be too complicated.

Execution: BLP suggested and implemented an integration with the clients CRM – The solution worked so well the client is adding several additional touchpoints including referrals and “cases – close/won” where gifts will be sent to qualifying people/entities.

BLP Services: BLP’s staff worked to integrate it’s backend fulfillment and website interface with client’s CRM ( BLP developed a collection of gift items and does all of the custom kitting and fulfillment for each order. The goal was to take a complicated and expensive process and provide an “easy button” solution for it. Goals complete!


BLP has been an excellent partner. We were excited to find a company that has the technical resources to integrate with our CRM and the operational capabilities to handle the entire process. Robert Rardin – Marketing Director:  Law Boss