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Dallas Open: Custom Trophy

Dallas Open (DO) Men’s ATP Indoor Hard Court Tennis Tournament held in Dallas, TX in conjunction with the Lamar Hunt Family

Business Need: The Dallas Open needed a partner to design and create an iconic perpetual trophy for the winner of its prestigious men’s ATP professional tennis event held in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, the award would be named after sports legend, Lamar Hunt and would need to embody his spirit and legacy. The award also needed to embody the city of Dallas where the event is held and takes its name from.

Execution: Bob Lilly Promotions was chosen to design and produce a one-of-a-kind perpetual trophy that would be instantly recognizable to players and fans alike. In conjunction with the Hunt Family and the tournament director, the Margaret Hunt Bridge – a beautiful and iconic bridge near downtown, Dallas was chosen as the key design element. The outcome was the Lamar Hunt Family Trophy, a beautiful and yet tasteful award which has received positive reviews from the Hunt’s, Dallas Open officials and players alike.

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