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Xfinity: Custom Event Traffic Driver

Coupon Solution

Business need: Improve movie download traction

Opportunity: Utilized a trackable coupon packaging with a low cost promotional item

Mission: Prove giveaway conversion to paying customer


  • BLP proposed a simple pen with in custom packaging with a coupon code
  • Xfinity stores collect the coupon packages, write their initials on the package
  • Insert the redeemed coupons in a self-addressed, shipping paid, envelope and mail to BLP monthly
  • BLP provides monthly reporting on receipts to Comcast Houston
  • Quarterly reviews have been executed to discuss the opportunity to improve processes as well as
    prepare for a larger scale solution.

Success: With a low cost offer of a free movie download, and the coupons given out
to the general population, the solution has delivered better than 3% redemption rate.